The last post

I started this blog as a scratchpad for writing, something I wanted to do since I started reading books outside the prescribed syllabus in school.

However, writing had to wait for years. Once you get hooked on to reading, everything else seems trivial, including the fact that beyond all the essays, philosophy, stories and poetry that has been written you might have something new to add.

Then came social media and everyone, even the most socially handicapped and uncooperative was dragged in. Social media, with its flaws and health hazards, does force you to write. Comments! They start a chain reaction because it becomes an obligation to write something in response, however inane. My reluctant and later enthusiastic contribution in these exchanges impressed my “social” friends and I was told I may have enough hold on language and humor to write something worthwhile.

This led to the creation of ESP blog, a scratchpad to test if I am good at writing. Clueless, that I was, I decided to try anything and everything that I could, and I did. The blog has been a success in that aspect.

Over time, I started reading, following, liking and commenting on hundreds of other blogs. These are activities that consume a lot of your time. There are takeaways in the form of learning from others and making friends who think and behave like writers. The general reception to WP posts is always encouraging, criticism seems redundant when people are trying out their luck, mostly unsure of themselves. The repercussions of such applause and lack of disparaging verdicts makes one give up the most essential aspects of writing – reviews and editing. The price for the takeaways is clearly too high.

I have decided it is high time to move on from the scratchpad writing and try to create something I would be proud of.

As a favor, I would like you to tell me what you didn’t like in my blog. The incentive I offer is acknowledgement of your contribution in the great books I will eventually publish 😀

Good luck to all you guys!

Keep writing, keep blogging!