A Valentine’s day kiss

We the children
of the late mornings,
of dead nights
that never end,
our teachers and fathers
rendered helpless,
mothers have
given up mourning.
We imbibe the
ubiquitous digital droning
with honey and lemons,
of a delusional detox,
drinking teas that have
a sickening shade of green
or is it our eyes,
our thoughts, and reflections,
we might feel
everything is known,
even pain and ecstasy
all at our fingertips.
But a stray look at the sky,
at smiling faces,
the warmth of a few hugs
under the february sun,
and a few laughs,
reminds us that salvation
may indeed be found
in the simple things,
and there’s a reason
why ignorance is bliss
it all starts to make sense
after an unexpected
valentine’s day kiss.


15 thoughts on “A Valentine’s day kiss

  1. Nothing can replace a human touch. We the children of the new age find it difficult to get love and therefore a slight amount of kindness makes us emotional. It’s the harsh truth. The technology that was meant for connecting us is making us drift apart.

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