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Love, love, love

Let’s love three times baby!
Yeah love, love, love!
Lets do it till I am done, oh yeah
Love, love, love!
Three times and you feel
like a fat ol dove.
Oh don’t look at me that way,
I am not talking about world peace.
Though I dont mind discussing now,
the world, over a cigarette,
but it’s a friday tomorrow
and it’s probably getting late.
Untie the knots, handcuffs and the leash,
don’t look at me that way my wet fish,
don’t tell me you want more,
for more than three is always a crime.
A fourth they say makes you a sexist,
sickos worse than those love supremists!
Well we could get a third person next time,
even the dirty sounds good in third person.
Love, love, love, one for each,
if that’s what you need, maybe I do too,
everything is good when it’s more than two.

Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest #57!


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