Happily, ever after

In a room so big
that you can’t see a window,
or a door, there’s no exit,
so my life stretched,
and stretched on,
beyond my senses
before you came,
breaking the daze,
a beam of sunlight
that fell on the wall,
and I knew, like I now know
that nothing else lasts long.

There were no promises made,
no confessions,
except the gleam in your eyes
that reflected in mine,
before it faded away,
in the shadows of twilight.
Some things better not last,
we all hope,
like I hoped then.

To be in that moment,
in those moments
just before the night breaks,
when the smiles linger,
or were those your sighs,
I remember how the red lips moved,
and clouds of crimson filled the sky.
Maybe it was the shadow of a cloud
passing over the sea,
an unending life, and a love story,
that searches for a sign
that searches for a wave,
and everything is beautiful
during this search
till the winds blow
and the magic breaks.

Some things need not be forever,
and everything magical
needs it’s breaks,
I know those who ask
for permanence
must be happy and wise,
but all I ask from you,
as I asked then,
are these fleeting moments,
a beam of sunlight,
a gleam in your eyes,
a passing cloud,
and this unfinished poem,
in which I want to live,
with you, happily ever after.


22 thoughts on “Happily, ever after

  1. Ah the soulful ESP makes his appearance!

    In the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona, it is remarked how only ‘incomplete love can be romantic’. Your poetry captures the essence of the pure, unvarnished beauty of romance. Absolutely loved it, from start to finish.

    Liked by 1 person

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