A few steps away…

Wandering the deserted,
unknown lanes
in the city of thoughts,
I look at the ominous gray sky,
one that clouds the wisdom
of a million lost stars,
the wisdom of a missing moon,
and the fluttering moths
that circle the gloomy lamp
at the end of the street,
they fill me with a pang,
for that familiar yet unknown joy,
which always seems just out of my sight.
But I know it’s there, and not too far away
beyond the bend of that dark alley maybe,
and all it would take to reach there
is for me to close the door
on this warm room,
and take a few steps away
from the ties,
the ones that hold me together.


11 thoughts on “A few steps away…

  1. Oh the allure of ‘What could be if I only dared to go for it…’ has been many a man’s bane…and boon too. Yet the enticement of the road not taken but longed for, can only satisfied by venturing forth.
    Lovely poem and lovely images with haunting, lasting impressions…

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