Silences and voids

We all have been there, slowly getting sucked into them, against our wishes, helpless.

We try to navigate our way out using whatever device we can engage – tact, humility, stupidity, sometimes verve, but the more we try to fight the silences and voids in our lives, the more deep we fall into them. They keep expanding over time, enveloping our nights and days, our thoughts and dreams, with their suffocating embrace.

They unsettle us even more as we grow old and mature, forcing us to strive hard in filling them with pettiness, mundane undertakings like small talk, work which doesnt interest us, food that dont appeal to our palates, love that is never there, each of these undertakings no different than a random fling, a bizarre nightout, so that we can forget that the next day won’t be any different.

But then, maybe the right way to handle them is to let them be, to not fight, to not ignore, but to be comfortable in these uncomfortable silences and the soul numbing voids. Maybe that’s when we will start to see them for what they really are, and maybe it will be the revelation that we all live our lives for, the beautiful essence of existence, the exhilarating truth about everything, in its primordial and therefore most powerful form.

This is how the optimists talk, the ones who have subscribed to religions and faiths.The rest of us must try to forget or try to fight till we fill our silences and voids with rational answers. Oh, how wonderful it would be if we could only believe.


26 thoughts on “Silences and voids

  1. I have been in both places. I got tired, damned tired, of the darkness-and began studying Baha’i teachings, which are not always the stuff of convenience-but have brought me a semblance of peace and help navigate the voids.

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  2. I wonder that myself sometimes. What if I didn’t believe? But believing is such a huge part of my entire makeup and existence. I’ve had such a strong relationship with mysticism my entire life that to not believe would be the equivalent of trying not to breath.

    I don’t feel bad for those that don’t believe. But I do see where it could be harder. I hove not conversed with enough atheist to know really. Most people that I know that are like this seem very bitter and lost and it’s hard to really get to the bottom of it. They don’t seem to have enough inner reflection, but again this is too small a group of people to form any reasoning to it.

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  3. You seem to have depth but life has a way of smacking us all around and making us lose hope and strength. Which is why I’m glad I don’t have to rely on mine alone. I would and could not survive if that were the case.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and with such passion that it would make any non believer yearn for the solace of faith. We try but we end up rationalising, and there in lies conscious misery 😊


  4. I don’t know how to our could close your eyes and feel the depth of emotion of your entire existence and everything you know and find nothing greater than yourself; only see a void.

    I do know that we are hard wired to believe in God, but some people don’t have that wiring. I understand this. But haven’t you felt things outside your understanding? Haven’t you seen things that seem miraculous? Haven’t you heard a voice outside your own telling you something you needed to know that you didn’t prior to that?

    I realize my experiences are not the norm and I have had so many I can’t even recount them all. But that shared consciousness we have, have you never experienced it?

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    • Not really, but yes there are certain experiences and things in the world that is beyond comprehension, and when we say comprehension it comes with the rider of what we understand and accept as truths and rationality, which may themselves be riddled with our limitations and handicaps. My rational, scientific mind hopes to find some logic, some explanation to all these aberrations. But then like I said, I belong to the lot who can’t believe, who want to but just can’t.


      • Faith and logic are hard to link up. We do have limited capacities of comprehension. And to think we will understand the greatest mystery on Earth with our simple little minds is truly comical and egotistical of us. I know what I know. It’s not enough but it will do. The quest and journey is part of the fun.

        I’m glad there is no definitive answer because then what I believe is just as valid as anyone else’s belief’s. And I find that really beautiful.

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      • Indeed it is, the peaceful feeling that you are no different than others, not really an outlier, especially because we strive towards being one all our lives.

        But i must say, you are wise my friend.


      • Awwwww. Shucks. Thank you kindly. 🥰

        We strive towards being an outlier? I suppose so. We are trying to find something that is already obviously there; our uniqueness. This life is that juxtaposition of finding ours own unique selves while grasping at the divinity that links us all. We are born, becoming our when and where. We gain consciousness becoming who. We become inquisitive going into why. And then hopefully somewhere along the path we can gain an “aha” for ourselves. Yes?

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      • Yes, the fuildity of thoughts make us unaware of the nuances, or even flaws of our philosophy. It’s when we start giving it a tangible shape, put it in writing say, only then we get to see what others have struggled with over ages.


  5. Consider it a testimony of how well I’ve gotten to know you these past couple of years that the 4th paragraph there made me read twice, and wonder what had happened to you to write something like that, (no sarcasm, no grim humour, no dose of offensive comedy-laden truth), then I read the concluding paragraph and realise all is as it should be in the ESP rambles universe.
    Like I said before, this does still seem to me like you’re writing about the silences in relationships.
    Crisp and sharp prose as always, although the subject in hand may vaguely flutter against the blue-white wordpress sky, disseminating beautiful thoughts like Richard Babley’s (Mr. Dick’s) kite!

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    • Thanks Isha, just love your comment ❤️

      What if I have really changed, and was writing about silences in relationships, kites always give the impression of being free and till you spot the string 😀

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