…on the fragile bridge

The sound of the ripples
kissing the banks,
of the wind rustling
the leaves of the banyan,
the sound of bells
from a place far away,
is it a temple, I wonder,
a church, or probably kids
rushing out of their school.
These sounds make me calm,
as I add to these
my sigh of relief,
for I am finally there,
with everything real,
and in it you are too,
at the other end of the bridge.
Your presence wavers
in the heat of the winter sun,
in the pounding heart that goes on,
and I know you hear it,
and the sounds like I do.
You too feel the urge
to make a move.
But we know, another step
and this bridge will crumble,
we won’t even
take each other’s name,
for our voice might shatter
this surreal beauty,
waking us up from this dream
into each other’s blinding reality.


12 thoughts on “…on the fragile bridge

      • My dear ESP, you break my heart when you say you were busy with work! I had hoped you would tell me you could not keep up with blogging because you found your true love! Tsk…😉
        In your absence I took the liberty to ignore the daily prompts. From Nov onwards I have not posted much. Hubby is home, there were lots of weddings to attend and a short holiday in between. 😀
        But let me tell you, I missed you. Every time I opened wordpress, I looked for a new post from you. I hope you will find time to post more often.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha you brought more than a smile with this comment. I miss you too, and your daily, or less frequent as you say, posts. I will try to post more but not anytime soon. Till then, take care ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment, Rachel style 😀

      I am well, been busy with things outside WP, have not been writing much either. Hope you are faring better, take care ❤️


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