Mirth of the insane (a repost)

When love, that doesn’t remember the dawn,
forever smolders but refuses to burn,
when blemishes in time and space
reek of a festering eternity,
the enervated horizon manages to
shine with the grey shade of insanity.

Rambling on in the fjords of a bruised ego,
and the confounding shores of dusky scruples,
battling the waves of a rising conscience,
a shattered mast, a tattered sail, an unanchored life,
yet the despondent crew hang on to faith, undeterred,
intoxicated, by the dark bottles of insanity.

A quiver of nascent ideas waits for a story,
the mesmerizing past, the non-committal present,
a fairy land that longs for a scorching desert,
these crumpled notes in my recycle bin, on the floor,
once that craved for a closure, are exasperated,
as they seek solace in an edifyingΒ touch of insanity.

When the kiss of the lover’s lips seems cloying,
making love no longer douses the raging desires,
when the parched throats seek no wine,
and sips of the pinot evoke the same sweet faces,
when the gods start to seem too distant to fail,
and your prayers seem impersonal, and almost cruel,
guilt laden bliss is easier to endure, you feel,
in the soothing ignominy of insanity.


40 thoughts on “Mirth of the insane (a repost)

  1. I’m so enraptured, I don’t have the words to compliment this piece, so I must say something tacky like, you slayed it!
    Jokes aside, I feel you’re one of the best writers I’ve ever read. Period. πŸ‘
    I know I’m going to read this again!

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    • ESP says:

      This post strangely wasn’t liked by many, strangely I say because it’s very relatable, and introspective as poets usually are. Thanks Isha for reading all my posts with such patience and reading well. Thanks for all the lovely compliments too πŸ’™

      Liked by 2 people

      • You know the thanks goes to you. Quality writing is rare to come by, but relatable quality writing is rarer… It was a treat to visit your old posts. 😊 Will be sure to check the ones I haven’t read, someday soon I hope, and will try not to inundate you with comments during your busy schedule hehe . Have a wonderful night!

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      • ESP says:

        Haha please do inundate, busy schedules crave for such lovely comments. I am not getting time to read WP..will catch up soon, esp. my favourite blogs. good night, sleep well!

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    • Lack of awareness and insight indeed, of the prevalent norms that is, by not conforming the insane may indeed eliminate the debilitating effects of falling in line, of being mediocre, of being unhappy. This soothing ignominy needs to be harnessed to create, to forge new paths, but what is enticing really is to get carried away, because to stand apart takes much more than taking a stand.

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