Photography, an art? (a repost)

Images that tell vibrant stories
of far away sun bathed mountains
the cloud soaked verdant valleys
humbled eternity facing the vast azure skies
those unsung garish yet tranquil monasteries.
Images that conceal the artist
a visage reminiscent of long forgotten tales
a moon reflecting on the turbulent dark seas
shuddering shutters attempt to capture the evanescent
lustrous flashes strive to unfold the obscure events.

Snipping magic from the monotonic time
moments chosen by whim
or maybe thoughts nebulous
lenses make sense of the world.
Elaborate tales condensed in a single shot
discordant sonnets meticulously sutured
erratic life and the nuances subtly proffered
understand the artist or the work, do we?
if only we could see the way it was meant to be.


14 thoughts on “Photography, an art? (a repost)

  1. Spellbinding!
    You have captured the reader’s attention
    like a camera capturing the moment;
    and the photograph produced is this comment
    with the clear picture of a great poet
    called ESP!
    Lol. I hope that made sense. There is such delicate imagery here, lifelike and gentle descriptions… You’re a philosopher-poet!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ESP says:

      It made sense and had to make sense given how sensible you are, well ok made sense except for the great poet part 😛
      Philosopher poet..I love that, you really are very kind to me 💕

      Liked by 1 person

    • Than you, and yes these stories are subtle and more interpretative, however the world is moving on from books and photographs to videos and youtube shorts where the stories are more imposing on the viewers intellect.


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