The story of life

My poem got published on Sudden Denouement Collective. It is a great collective of writers and artists, each with a unique style and aesthetic, including me 🙂

The story begins
not in the present,
not with any intent,
but in the mind of the writer,
lost, perusing his tomes,
as he creates a new history
with words filtered through
experiences and such
prismatic domes.

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35 thoughts on “The story of life

  1. This is full of beautiful lines, a gentle rhyme, and reflectioms on how we find and write the story of life. I love this:
    It’s a persistent search,
    deep in the circular ruins
    of unfinished books
    and untrimmed wishes,

    Where do we find meaning? How do we arrive at a narrative of our lives?

    Congratulations on being published again, and on such a beautiful and thoughtful piece of writing.

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    • I agree with your assessment, it’s a nice end to the rambling 😄 book? on what? There are already too many books, and people don’t get time to read beyond a paragraph these days.

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  2. The story of life
    is all about filling the void,
    and letting the songs
    fill the empty gaze
    till another writer comes along
    and flips your scribbled page.

    Your brain has some extra sets of neurons to express so beautifully.Life looks simple and not so bad when I read this.

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