Elements of a grand philosophy about life

The alphabet of life,
is a caravan of letters,
riding into the dusk of our thoughts,
each guarded by a sense of conformity,
surrendering to the fate
of falling into places,
forming words
to fill the empty spaces
of the grand scheme,
grandeur is just our wishful thinking
that the puzzle is unsolvable.

The phrases of life,
are a collusion of words
to find a common purpose
and create those ideas for redemption.
Nothing but fragments of the plot,
each carries an awareness
of what is missing
and of voids that need filling
with lesser brush strokes,
to create our universe
in a grand collaboration,
grandeur is the levity we seek
to believe that the design is inexpressible.

The statements of life,
formed with cabals of phrases,
masquerading as logic,
the notions and prejudices
repressed for association,
as a compromise is reached
to defend the thesis.
They fall into places,
in their ordained spaces,
reluctance subdued
by the grand revelation,
grandeur is just the ruse the mind longs for
to establish that its limits are unsurpassable.

The essay of life,
made of circuitous statements,
juggled with the adept hands.
A magic construed
with fancy flips of conscience,
conviction and applause
are driven by the the need for a facade,
to toe the line
and feel each other’s comforting presence.
The game is forever played
as part of a grand vision,
grandeur is nothing but the optimistic delusion
to prove that life is much more than what we live for.