Guest Writer: ESP

My poem got published in the Sudden Denouement Collective as a guest post. The collective is a group of exceptional writers, and I say ‘exceptional’ because of their concept of divergent literature. Do spend some time reading the posts on their blog.

Sudden Denouement Collective


[photo: Louise Brooks]

A flight for another day

Equipped with the wings
of love, freedom and justice,
the Icarus in me flies towards the sun
ignoring the wax and the flimsy threads
that keep my faith and sanity together.

The wind whooshes past my ears,
deafening, drowning the wise voices,
of a grim father and a solicitous mother,
of everything that I have read or have known.

Eyes water as drops of my past leave me
and the future appears as a mirage
flickering beyond the clouds
which I know conceal much more.

Riddled with doubts,
taking refuge in my doubts,
I feel safe as I cannot tell
tears from the blinding raindrops.

You who block my flight, questioning.
You the judging one, would you resist
not swimming towards the horizon
of your thoughts, of the vast expanse that is you,
of your relationships stretched to eternity.

Would you in…

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