The hopeful cynics

buried and forgotten
of mists rising in obscure graveyards
search liberation from afterthoughts
as searing dilemmas in perception of horizons
create smokescreens confounding
the conscience that incited
optimism and love in

in love and optimism
incited that conscience
the confounding smokescreens
create horizons of perception in dilemmas
searing as afterthoughts from liberation
search graveyards obscure in rising mists of
forgotten and buried

Palindrome poems can be read both forwards and backwards. –Selenophile97


31 thoughts on “The hopeful cynics

  1. Clever one. I guess i’m foggy today because it took me reading from top to bottom and bottom to top twice before realizing that the sentences were backward too. I’ve never heard about this form before. It sounds like a lot of concentration and careful word choice was needed.

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  2. Love the poetic presentation of this piece, crafted to perfection it seems! I applaud your effort here.

    Can’t get enough of the imagery, poetry and story in this couplet –
    “mists rising in obscure graveyards
    search liberation from afterthoughts”.

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