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Poetry is rampant in the blog world, we are inundated by poems of every hue, every shade and color, not to mention the plenitude of esoteric aspects like metaphors and imagery. Even if you subscribe to a few blogs, you won’t escape the multitude of verse emanating from the prolific minds of each of these budding poets. This excess though comes at a price, as you absorb the deluge there is a steady increase in the thresholds of your sensory stimulus, a saturation of sensuousness essential for the enjoyment of this form of creative writing.

The art that gets manifested in poetry is not of the figurative type, fluid in its essence it seeps into the space of abstract thought unlike a piece of prose where the writer is more descriptive, or like non-fictional posts where the intent and the tone is overtly prescriptive. Reading a poem is like looking at a modern painting where the painter has used methods like colors, canvas and possibly structures easily identifiable by the masses, but is not emblematic of the underlying idea. She doesn’t show her intent, the crux of the piece of work or its interpretation lies within the one who is reading. Ownership of the idea that led to the piece of art is relinquished deliberately to enable it take fruition in the thoughts of the readers.

Blog readers on the other hand, are uncertain in the matters of patience and purpose, and most of them are writers of poetry themselves. So, even if the thoughts reigning the minds are similar, even though the content resonates with each other, the way to express them has to embrace the concept of form or style. Form, unlike content is a definitive organic aspect of a poet and once in the groove it’s very difficult to abandon it and embrace another. This is the basic requirement while reading another poet, because the thought that goes into a poem and the choice of words, images and the rhythm are inseparable. The alienness of another’s diction and portrayal, subverts the latent joy in rediscovering the theme and the progression of the central idea as a poem proceeds from its inception to its conclusion.

Readers who are not proficient in writing, lack these constraints but bring in a new set of limitations. They tend to interpret the content winnowing out art from the poem. This is not done as a disrespect to the poem but as a genuine interest to understand what the poet might have meant. The acceptance of ownership, that art is not universal but a very personal experience is an overwhelming concept to many. The usual refuge sought by such readers is in interpretations made by critics, thereby making one distant from the poem, the poet and even ones own volition making the whole process of reading academic, missing out on the beauty that one intended to enjoy by reading poetry.

More often than not, the poet rereading his work sees a novel beauty, a revelation that confounds even himself. It is indeed exasperating to tend to comments from these two types of readers, not to mention the irrelevant and at times frustrating comments posted for unfathomable purposes. On the other hand, it is a satisfying experience to see so many followers, likes and encouraging comments on posts you yourself are critical about. That by itself, makes writing poetry in blog world worthy of the effort and the time spent.


36 thoughts on “on poetry in blog world…

  1. B. says:

    It’s true that over abundance of something kills the pleasure or so… but to be honest I read plenty (!!!) of very good things on WP… many people got a real talent with words and thoughts…

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    • ESP xtruck says:

      Indeed, I never read poetry before joining WP, it is addictive with so much talent around. The point I was making with abundance the numbness of the overwhelmed senses, essential for enjoyment of poetry.


    • ESP says:

      I never read poetry before joining WP, so my knowledge and thoughts are all based on online poetry.
      With that disclaimer I must say your comment is intriguing. You are, as I understand, saying that online poetry is not bad as per the established norms, but not to your taste and therefore not good as per your personal norms? Do you read/like offline poetry, would love to know your favorites.


  2. “Ownership of the idea that led to the piece of art is relinquished deliberately to enable it take fruition in the thoughts of the readers.” So intimately and minutely described, without compromising the beauty of the prose, or prosaic poetry I should say, due to its beautiful construction. You’re at your best when you write these passionate esoterics, ESP 😊
    Love that line about art being a personal, not universal experience. The ESP one liners!

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  3. Understanding poetry is an art too and you excel here, ESP.
    I think it is important to read poetry rather than finding what lay behind those metaphors. People from time immemorial are clinging to poetry to justify their emotions and that’s the beauty of it, write it all out. Reading helps one to understand the different perception towards same things and for me reading has always been difficult than writing.

    You and your understanding of things make you a brave person ESP. Your empathy level is something else. I am a big big fan of your philosophies. Keep writing. You are answering so many questions of this insane mind.πŸ’™

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    • Your thoughts on poetry reveals what a great poet you are. I come out as an outsider, trying to make sense of it all. The only advantage outsiders have is open mind, ready to absorb just about anything.
      I am glad your insane mind found some answers, only an insane mind can offer such πŸ™‚


  4. Nice exposition on the poet. I used to write poetry. Found some of my old poems and thought… “I was better than I thought”.

    But, I could never live up to what I wrote that period of my life no matter how hard I tried…

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  5. What do I say? πŸ˜€ Will my comment be interpreted to be in defense of what I write or an objective opinion on what you have written!
    I think (and I maybe completely wrong) most of us who are into creative writing, start off with writing poems. Some of us remain stuck there, whereas others evolve into fiction/non-fiction writers.
    There is no denying there is a glut of poetry on WP and with some of us addicted to posting one or two every day, as a reader one cannot truly do justice in appreciating all. It is a mind numbing process of likes and superficial comments ( though there are many genuine ones too).
    As a poet it is wonderful to know that the reader has interpreted your work in a very different way. And yes, the constraints of writing in a language which is not your mother tongue does impact writing.
    But all said, WP and other such forums are clearly fostering a habit of reading and writing.
    Your exposition on understanding poetry on WP is very incisive and cogent.
    I do apologise for such a long comment.

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    • whoa! I am so glad this post brought out so much from a great poet like you, you dont need to apologize. Instead I am thankful.
      Is it true that all start off with writing poetry? why is that? One would assume that writing prose would come naturally, given you have a story to tell. Is that the issue with prose, we dont have enough stories but millions of thoughts that translate naturally to poetry.
      WP demands a lot of time, especially reading prolific poets like you.

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  6. I agree with you. The same verse in a poem has the potential to be understood in different ways. I enjoy poetry – obviously – and i love the different ways people go about writing them. Some vague, others descriptive, like you say, but most of all, i enjoy the way it provokes the thought, causing the reader to pause and evaluate the words – sometimes to agree, others to wonder.

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  7. I enjoyed your reflection on the perspectives that different people, both poets and readers, bring to poetry. Personally, I enjoy reading comments where someone feels free to share an interpretation or the feelings that a poem evokes, and I’m never offended if it doesn’t match my intent. That invitation to engage subjectively is a wonderful aspect of art. Great post. πŸ™‚

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    • Comments and interpretations by the readers are definitely fulfilling, every artist is curious to find how his art is consumed. Subjective discussions are what WP lacks though. Thanks for reading.

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      • I agree, sort of. Once bloggers get to know each other, it gets easier to share opinions, and discussions can be really fun. Until then, there’s always the risk that someone will feel offended. I usually proceed with caution at first. πŸ™‚

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