An ode to philosophy

read the poets
bards and philosophers
rationalizing me and my actions
but failing to define feelings and emotions.

Think so
on and so forth, they said
go find the truth hidden
between the lines
beyond the circuitous words
but laughed when I did so
dropping my existential guards.

Therefore unlike you
and your books
your wisdom laced with
vanity and jaded looks,
I must struggle to find
peace and probably bliss
delving within to solve
the puzzle with pieces amiss.

I must think to
conquer this mortal bane
because gods that created this life
and the wise who explained it
always seem sparingly sane.
Is there a meaning to every figment
a reason for every lie
or the wise and gods colluded so we are
miserable till we die.

Exist in my own thinking
though all of you do
I may condone the transgression
or give in to similar arrogance
and join the confounding mission.
I may choose instead to ignore
your edifying trophies
or fight and outlive
these esoteric philosophies.


63 thoughts on “An ode to philosophy

  1. I really like the defiant, questioning tone of this piece. This in particular struck a chord with me:
    “Is there a meaning to every figment
    a reason for every lie
    or the wise and gods colluded so we are
    miserable till we die.”

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    • ESP xtruck says:

      If there is anything that philosophers of all schools and inclinations agree upon it is the questions and defiance to provided answers. Always a pleasure to see your comment first thing in the morning πŸ™‚

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    • ESP says:

      Thanks so much for visiting, reading, appreciating and following πŸ™‚
      Do go through other posts of mine, you will less of structure and rhyme πŸ˜€


      • ESP says:

        Thanks for reading, your blog sounds interesting already will check out soon.

        You are right about people sticking to poetry or prose, never both.
        I believe we must write without caring whether its in verse or otherwise, only when we write with abandon will our words accurately reflect the thoughts within.


  2. annadrewhearts says:

    I entered philosophy as a search term and you appeared!
    Brilliantly done acrostic that has a unique ESP to it, almost like a USP. πŸ˜€
    The dilemma to follow or not as against to be or not, eh?

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  3. You truly are a philosopher-poet! The fourth paragraph was so good, it made me swear. I think the world will read you soon – you’re intelligent, you have the words and your writing reflects a deep set wisdom of an old soul. I think, therefore, I exist. Slay!


  4. Few things I noticed :
    1. I think, therefore I exist.
    2. I think so, therefore unlike you I must think to exist in my own thinking.
    3. I must think about things you said here.❀️

    (You amalgamated philosophy, poetry and word play brilliantly.❀️)
    If this landed in spam, WordPress needs a mental treatment.πŸ˜‚

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    • ESP says:

      WP learns from its mistakes, doesn’t want to face the ire of the elixir. I love the #3, the intention of every poet is to make people think in ways they didn’t think before, I am so happy reading these comments of yours. Thanks for going through each and every post

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      • Haha! WordPress is safe now. The elixirs might have burnt the place, but they are cool now reading ESP.πŸ˜€
        Many posts are still left and I am sure they will make me think too.🌸

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